Georgio Nicolas

I'm interested in Cryptography and Data Privacy.

You can find me on: {
    "GitHub"  : "@georgio",
    "Keybase" : "@georgio",
    "LinkedIn": "@georgionic",
    "Twitter" : "@georgionic",

Free Open Source Software projects I'm involved in: {
    "Noise Explorer" : [
       "Test suite for protocols implementations",
       "Implementation of Noise protocols in Rust",
       "Noise Embedded",
    "Verifpal" : [
       "Formal verification of Verifpal's semantics         and passive attacker analysis methodology",
       "Automated generation of cryptographic         protocol models in Coq",

The next conference I will be attending is: Eurocrypt 2021, where I will be a co-organizing an affiliated event: Verifpal Workshop

Publications and Posts

- Verifpal: Cryptographic Protocol Analysis for the Real World (ACM CCSW 2020, Indocrypt 2020, Real World Crypto 2021)
- How Verifpal Dramatically Sped Up the Formal Modeling Efforts for a New Pandemic-Tracing Protocol
- Noise Explorer: Fully Automated Modeling and Verification for Arbitrary Noise Protocols (IEEE Euro S&P 2019)

Links to stuff I like

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Send me an email! [email protected]